Constant Force Posts

Energy absorbing anchor system

The Latchways Constant Force post represents a major step forward in the sophistication and refinement of anchor systems. With an integral energy absorbing coil, the force generated by a fall is absorbed as the system deploys in a controlled manner, protecting both the user and the structure.

Bringing modern fall protection to delicate structures

Ensuring that the load exerted on the point of attachment will not exceed 10 kN, the Constant Force post can be fixed to relatively delicate structures without any additional requirements for reinforcing steel or purlins.

Key advantages

  • Compatible with all major roofing systems and types, including standing-seam, composite, BUOS, secret fix and bituminous roofs with steel, timber or concrete decks
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Does not need to be attached to structural steel or purlins
  • Posts are smaller and more unobtrusive than other brackets

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