Freestanding Constant Force Posts

Constant Force technology in portable form

The Freestanding Constant Force Post brings all of the advantages found in permanent ManSafe systems to a portable, non-penetrating friction anchor.

Galvanised steel weights, including rubber coated galvanised base weights, are bolted in a circular formation around a galvanised steel frame. The whole unit then rests on virtually any type of roof surface and allows a single user to connect a lineline to the integrated Constant Force Post.

Perfect for occasional use or where fixed anchors aren't possible

  • Applicable where there is an occasional safety at height requirement.
  • Suitable for flat roofs (maximum 5° pitch).
  • Can be used on a wide range of roof surfaces including concrete, single-ply membrane, bituminous membrane, sanded and stone chipping asphalt, and steel profile.
  • No need to puncture the roof membrane to fix the system.
  • Special rotating anchor turns through 90° for maximum user flexibility.
  • Each anchor device protects a single user.
  • Conforms to BS EN 795 class E.

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